Infantry Suppressor

Brigade Tactical is poised to disrupt the silencer market by offering modular, versatile cans that compete with products 2x the price. Our patent-ed baffle technology is unlike any others currently on the market. 

Designed with law enforcement in mind, this suppressor will keep your gear light, but not your wallet. It leverages our patented monocore baffle system which allows for serviceabiity and compatibility. 

All of our suppressors come with a lifetime warranty due to replaceable internal components 

MSRP: $749




Stainless and titanium construction 

Available in 1/2 x 28 or 5/8 x 24 direct thread 

Quick Detach (QD) limited supply 

Choose from 3 Cerakote Options:  Black, FDE, Gray 

7” long, 1.5” diameter 

Weight: 12 oz. 


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